On Roarr.Club, seller payouts are managed according to the following procedures:

Tracking Earnings:

  • Sellers can track their gross and net earnings details from their store manager dashboard.
  • They have access to their ledger, commission payments, and order details, providing transparency into their earnings.

Online Payment Process:

  • For online payments, customers make payments to Roarr.Club.
  • Sellers can request withdrawals for their earnings after 30 days from the order being marked as “Complete”.
  • This waiting period ensures that any return or refund requests are handled smoothly before the seller receives their payout.
  • Ensure that your bank details are updated from payment settings to receive your payments.

Offline Payment Process (Cash On Delivery):

  • In the case of offline payments, such as Cash On Delivery (COD), payment is made directly to the seller since the shipping is handled by the seller.
  • There are no waiting periods for payouts in the case of COD orders.

Reverse Withdrawals for COD Orders:

  • In COD transactions, if a seller has already received the earnings but the platform fee is to be paid by the seller through reverse withdrawal.
  • In case refunds in COD order, seller takes responsibility for the refund. This means the seller must pay customer the refunded amount, in case of COD order, sellers are to handle the refund process. Failing to close the refund request within SLA (7 working days), will cause escalation and it will be handled by Roarr.Club.

Disabling Withdrawal Option for Outstanding Balances:

  • If a seller has an outstanding reverse withdrawal balance of INR 1000 or more, the withdrawal option will be temporarily disabled until the due amount is settled.
  • This measure ensures that sellers fulfill their financial obligations to Roarr.Club before making additional withdrawals.

Withdrawal Threshold and Timing:

  • There is a minimum withdrawal threshold of INR 1000.
  • Sellers can request a withdrawal for their available balance at any time, provided it meets the minimum threshold.

Payout Queries:

  • For any payout-related queries or concerns, sellers can reach out to the Roarr.Club support team via email at payouts@roarr.club.

By following these procedures, Roarr.Club aims to ensure timely and transparent payouts for sellers while also managing financial obligations and potential risks associated with COD transactions.