Here is the return and refund policy for Roarr.Club:

Individual Product Policies:

  • Each product listed on Roarr.Club has its own return and refund policy, which can be found on the product page, in the product’s order details, and on the store invoice for the product(s) ordered.

Seller/Store Policies:

  • Customers can also view the return and refund policies of a seller or store from their store page.
  • It is highly advised to read and understand these policies before placing an order.

Roarr.Club Overrides:

  • In some cases, Roarr.Club may override the seller’s policies to ensure that customer interests are protected.

Support Period:

  • Roarr.Club provides a return or refund within the “support period,” which is 15 days from the day the product has been delivered and marked as complete.

Eligible Cases for Return/Refund:

  • Customers are eligible for return or refund if the delivered product is damaged, if they receive the wrong product, or if there are any discrepancies from what was mentioned in the product details page.

Process for Return/Refund:

  • Customers can initiate a return or refund request within the support period by contacting Roarr.Club’s customer support.
  • They may be required to provide relevant details and evidence such as photos of the damaged product.


  • Upon review of the request, Roarr.Club will facilitate the return or refund process.
  • This may include arranging for the return of the product and issuing a refund to the customer.

Roarr.Club aims to ensure a smooth and satisfactory shopping experience for customers by providing clear return and refund policies and offering support in case of any issues or discrepancies with the delivered products.