In Roarr.Club, the responsibility for inventory management, delivery, and fulfillment lies with the seller. Here’s a breakdown of how each aspect is handled:

Inventory Management:

  • Sellers are responsible for managing their inventory. They maintain product listings, update stock levels, and manage product details from their dashboard on Roarr.Club.
  • Sellers ensure that accurate information regarding product availability and descriptions are provided to customers.


  • Sellers handle the delivery process for their products. This includes packaging items, arranging for shipping, and ensuring timely delivery to customers.
  • Sellers may choose their preferred shipping methods and carriers to fulfill orders efficiently.


  • Fulfillment involves processing orders, picking products from inventory, packaging, and shipping them to customers.
  • Sellers are responsible for fulfilling orders promptly and accurately, ensuring that customers receive their purchases in good condition and within the specified timeframe.

Roarr.Club’s Role:

  • Roarr.Club serves as a platform facilitating transactions between buyers and sellers while ensuring fairness and protection of both parties’ interests.
  • It provides tools and resources for sellers to manage their delivery, orders, and inventory effectively through the dashboard.
  • Customers can track their order details and delivery timeline conveniently from the “Orders” page on the platform.
  • In case of any issues related to delivery or fulfillment, customers can raise a ticket directly from their “Orders” page.
  • Sellers can also raise any concerns regarding delivery or other matters by contacting seller support via email at

By empowering sellers to manage their inventory, delivery, and fulfillment processes, Roarr.Club aims to create a transparent and efficient marketplace where both sellers and buyers can engage with confidence while ensuring their interests are protected.