We're listening...

Welcome to our support centre. We take great pride in ensuring that our customers are heard. Your queries are important to us. If you are new here, please read the customer grievance redressal process below. 

Here’s the customer grievance redressal process for Roarr.Club:

Accessing Support from Order Page:

  1. Customers can access previously raised support tickets for their orders by clicking on the Support Tickets link from their Account dropdown on Roarr.Club. To raise a new ticket, Go to My Account->Orders and click the “Support” button for the order you are seeking support.
  2. In case of general enquiries, customers can use the “Ask a Question” feature in the product details page, or “Enquiry” feature in the seller store page. These features notify the seller regarding any enquiry you have regarding the product/store.

Requesting Refund:

  1. Customers can also request a refund within 15 days of product delivery directly from their order page.
  2. In order to request a refund, customers can use the “Refund” feature by going to My Account->Orders and select the order for which they wish to request refund.

Submitting a Ticket:

  1. Upon clicking the support link, customers will be directed to a ticket submission form where they can describe their issue or request.
  2. If requesting a refund, customers should specify the reason for the refund request.

Ticket Review:

  1. Once a ticket is submitted, it will be reviewed by both the seller and Roarr.Club.
  2. The review process will adhere to the policies mentioned in the product details page, ensuring fairness and transparency.

Seller Response:

  1. Sellers are required to respond to the ticket within two working days.
  2. They should provide necessary assistance or resolution based on the customer’s concern.

Escalation Process:

  1. If a seller fails to respond to a ticket within the specified time frame, customers have the option to escalate the issue.
  2. Customers can escalate by directly calling Roarr.Club at 033-3563-0074 or by emailing support@roarr.club.
  3. Escalated issues will be addressed promptly within two business days by Roarr.Club.


  1. Once the issue is escalated or addressed by Roarr.Club, appropriate actions will be taken to resolve the customer’s concern.
  2. This may include providing a refund, arranging for a replacement, or any other suitable resolution as per the policies and terms mentioned on the product details page.

Communication and Updates:

  1. Throughout the grievance redressal process, customers will receive updates and communication regarding the status of their ticket and any actions taken.

By implementing this grievance redressal process, Roarr.Club aims to ensure timely resolution of customer issues and maintain a positive customer experience on the platform.